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Helping the bank in its digital transformation process.
BBVA. Helping the bank in its digital transformation process.

What we do

Strategic Design
Product Design



As part of the digital transformation project, different products were developed for the bank, including the cross-cutting definition and evolution of the brand’s digital ecosystem.

Corporate web mobile.
Screen of UI Design for mobile.
White and blue house with pool.
UI Design for BBVA mobile app.
Financial application design.
wallet for the company digital transformation.
design approach.
In order to begin the project design, we focused on the needs of the website user: to access the product information and advantages in an easy and simple way. Therefore, both the visual approach and the browsing experience had to be clear and direct, seamless.
Informative visuals of services offered by BBVA.
Strategy Business e-learning for Latam.
UX & Visual design: simplicity and clarity.
The product characteristics and user typology required an advanced approach, providing dynamism and flexibility to the browsing and enriching the user experience. From this point of view, we defined the design of interactions to be subtle, relaxed and innovative, all at the same time.
Screens of how BBVA’s digital product design fits in different responsive formats.

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