Hitachi Digital Brand Ecosystem.

Digital branding system for the industrial giant.
Hitachi Digital Brand Ecosystem. Digital branding system for the industrial giant.

What we do

Strategic Design
Product Design


We joined the rebranding project to design the company's digital branding system. A cross-cutting and flexible system was designed, whose fundamentals and rules were adapted to other company brands. The Digital Brand Foundations and the digital brand architecture were defined at the beginning of the project, forming the basis of the basic brand rules in the digital environment and tips for their application. A Design System was developed to facilitate brand consistency and digital development for the different company stakeholders. A digital Brand Center was also built to facilitate brand implementation in different teams in more than 25 countries.

Designing the framework
Digital systematization of brand elements for different applications. Design of cross-cutting and flexible solutions.
The design system.
Conceptualization and development of a flexible corporate Design System, adaptable to other company brands, with basic UI components and also a Design kit with reusable elements and templates to be applied generally.
Creation of the Brand Center, a platform aimed at unifying access to information and brand elements, unifying messages, ensuring consistency in their application and facilitating understanding by stakeholders in all markets.

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2012 — 2022.
ten years creating
digital outcomes