Massimo Dutti.

Redesigning the purchase experience
Massimo Dutti. Redesigning the purchase experience

What we do

Strategic Design
Product Design


The project aims to optimize the purchasing funnel and create a shopping experience that is in line with brand positioning: Excellence, detail and dedication to service. The strategy phase of the project has established the phases and processes to be carried out to ensure the achievement of the main objectives. We are dealing with primary processes, data measurement and analysis, qualitative and quantitative research, UX design and UX Writing, the definition of Look and Feel and visual design, perception analysis and performance monitoring.

Optimizing the Shopping funnel.
The project strategy.
Initial project consultancy focused on studying the current situation and results of the product and outlining a strategy where all project phases and processes are geared towards achieving the product's objectives.
Observation and analysis.
What is the starting point?
The project started with an audit of the current product that includes a strategy for measuring, monitoring and analysing the results of current use.
listening to users.
The research.
The product audit includes a quantitative research phase related to current use, including surveys and user testing on prototype flows and focused on improving the performance of key interactions.
Brand and core values.
The project's strategic objective is to communicate the brand positioning and the most aspirational aspect during navigation. We conducted qualitative research with users and clients and worked on aligning the visual, animation and communication approach with the objective of transmitting intangible brand values.

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