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We review a decade of experience in retail.

It's hard to believe that ten years have already passed. We've come a long way, working tirelessly. And suddenly, we realize that we've had the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of truly fascinating projects in the world of e-commerce retail and have been fortunate to collaborate with great clients and brands.

These experiences have taught us a lot. Although we can't address them all, we want to pause for a moment and reflect on something that could carry significant weight in an industry so focused on sales success. One of the challenges that sometimes emerges is the conflict between conversion and creativity. Often, these two aspects seem to be in some sort of constant struggle, as if conversion, with its focus on efficiency and quantifiable results, clashes with creativity, or with originality and innovation. Reconciling and balancing these two forces can be a challenge, but also an endless source of opportunities for growth and success in the world of e-commerce.

At a time when the general trend is to rigorously follow methodologies presented as infallible for achieving success, we advocate for a dual approach: the tireless pursuit of conversion, which addresses crucial tactical aspects, but also the pursuit of the spark, the importance of small details, and the construction of an authentic and distinctive brand. One definitely prioritizes the present, while the other transcends time, leaving a lasting impression on users' minds.

The Science
and Art of

In our journey, we've discovered that conversion is like building a solid structure. Every brick, every design detail is essential to create a successful framework.

We've perfected our foundations, improving our strategies, meticulously analyzing data, and subjecting every design to rigorous testing. This meticulous approach is crucial for achieving success in this competitive world. Technology provides us with the opportunity to measure and evaluate every aspect of an e-commerce site, identifying areas for improvement, and adjusting strategies in real-time.

The new technological revolution, through the effective integration of AI tools, allows us to unravel trends and patterns, make precise predictions, personalize content, enhance the user experience, and empowers businesses to make strategic decisions aligned with their objectives.

Conversion, in its quantifiable form, becomes the guiding light leading online businesses toward their financial and growth goals.

But we've also learned that conversion is not just a science but also an art. It requires creativity, innovation, and the ability to provide unique experiences. In the midst of numbers and metrics, authenticity and differentiation are key—a creative spark that illuminates our path.

It was an incredible experience to work on the redesign of Massimo Dutti's e-commerce checkout process. We invite you to explore the Case Study.

Good Design Sells

The scientific aspect and conversion are like tools in an artist's workshop. They are crucial and necessary, but it's vision, experience, and design that transform those tools into complete works.

Terms like design systems, research, metrics, and rigorous testing have dominated the scene. However, are we sacrificing something in this process? Perhaps it's time to reflect on whether our dedication to the scientific and strict adherence to methodologies have led us to neglect the ability to stand out.

Have we overlooked the importance of generating unique ideas and delivering value that transcends metrics? We all recognize the brands that embraced creativity and design. They understood the relevance of these aspects and excelled. Designing with excellence, keeping the flame of creativity alive, and taking risks are challenges, but in the end, those who venture down this path make a difference. Users perceive it, and this translates into sales.

In a constantly evolving world, beyond conventional formulas, we believe that maintaining an open and creative mindset is crucial to achieving authentic and lasting success.

It was a privilege to work for Desigual on various projects. You can take a look at our Desigual Case Study.

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