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Digital Twin Ocean.

Shaping bridges between scientific community and social institutions.
Digital Twin Ocean. Shaping bridges between scientific community and social institutions.

What we do

Strategic Design
Experience design


From the very outset, the project commissioned by Lobelia and Mercator Ocean captivated us. We embarked on a fascinating challenge: bringing to life a web platform that would communicate an incredibly innovative project—the creation of a Digital Twin of the Ocean.


This ambitious endeavor aims to comprehend the complexity of marine ecosystems through a digital replica, providing crucial data for the future and sustainable management of marine resources. From offering real-time data for decision-making in extreme climatic events to contributing to the monitoring of ocean health and the preservation of biodiversity.


For us, the challenge was to create an experience that served as a bridge between this visionary project and the client's target audience, transforming intricate data into an accessible, engaging, educational, and enjoyable experience for diverse audiences.

Visual representation of key features with icon design
Digital Twin Ocean conceptual art showing real world and its digital twin
Educational, Accessible and Experiential
Our goal was to create a platform that not only conveyed knowledge but also captivated the audience. In our approach, we integrated playable elements, vibrant animations, and interactive content as key tools to transform technical information into an engaging and participatory experience. Through this design, we aimed not only to inform but also to inspire curiosity and interest, making science accessible and exciting for everyone.
Visuals of landing page design across different devices
3D animated video presentation showcasing the Digital Twin Ocean concept, illustrating the real ocean and its digital twin representation
A photo of the ocean, showing a section of ice and a section of open water
Mockup of a smartphone showcasing the application of Digital Twin Ocean technology
Beyond the Blueprint
We meticulously designed a visual identity that not only captured the magnitude of the project but also departed from the typical technical coldness associated with science. Our vision was to infuse warmth and accessibility into every visual aspect, creating an emotional connection with the audience. This new visual design not only serves as an aesthetic representation but also as an invitation for the audience to immerse themselves in the captivating convergence between science and creativity.
A visual representation of the branding elements for the Digital Twin Ocean landing page, including color palette, icon set and typography
Digital Twin Ocean UI design
Visual design concepts for Digital Twin Ocean landing page
some milestones and insights
Highlighted benefits that resulted from our contribution to the project include:

Increased understanding among visitors about the Digital Twin Ocean project, evidenced by a rise in the time dedicated to exploring the provided educational information.

Reinforcement of the brand image by aligning it with accessibility and innovation in scientific communication.

Improvement in the dialogue between scientific institutions, governmental bodies, and other collaborators, demonstrated by increased participation and positive feedback.

Enhanced visibility of Digital Twin Ocean as an innovative and prominent project, with the website serving as a key platform for its dissemination.
Scenic view of the ocean in its natural environment
Snapshot of landing page adapted for mobile
Screenshot of landing page highlighting milestones
Snapshot of landing page Illustrating DTO engine's positive impact on biodiversity
DTO landing page displayed on tablet
Aerial image of the ocean
UX/UI Design highlighting DTO benefits
DTO benefits illustrated through UX/UI Design with world illustration

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